Yunfei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovation enterprise in the whole industry chain, which integrates the research and development, production, sales and customer service of pharmaceutical raw materials, sterilization products and health products. The headquarters is located in Lingdong Industrial Concentration Zone, Gongzhuling City, with a total investment of RMB 100 million. It is a professional supplier of sterilization products in northern China. The company and the engineering research center of Jilin University, a pharmaceutical intermediary, have established a research and Innovation Center for sterilizing products, which integrates production, learning and research. It has a large number of researchers with doctoral degrees. Many achievements have filled the gap in China. At the same time, it has applied for a number of national patents and authorized 16 invention patentsItem.
[Vertical killing field, focusing on killing products]
Yunfei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. takes people's medical environment, residential environment, public environment and agricultural breeding environment as the market entry point, develops the leading sterilizing market product of "guanidine". The product is non-toxic, efficient and broad-spectrum sterilizing, which makes the sterilizing industry in China step into 4.0 hours ahead of schedule. Generation. Geant products can be used in many fields, such as epidemic prevention, disinfection and infection, agricultural environment and processing, industrial production and disinfection, civil disinfection and hygiene. In practical application, Geant products have obvious characteristics such as "100% non-toxic side effects, 12 hours of continuous sterilization, 99.9% efficient sterilization".
[Single Product Explosion, System Integration Innovation]
Yunfei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the first one in China to put forward the whole process of "control beforehand, prevent in the event and remedy afterwards" to kill science and technology innovation enterprises. GUANT Killing Products integrates advanced environmental monitoring equipment suppliers and system integrators in China. Combining with the needs of epidemic prevention stations, hospitals, kindergartens, elderly living communities and other sensitive places, GUANT products are rationalized through large data feedback of environmental bacterial retention and air quality. Application, in order to achieve precise killing of environmental bacteria, intelligent killing.
[Expert Team Alliance, Innovatory Breakthrough]
Eliminating the needs of target groups and the ultimate effect of products are closely related to human survival and life. Yunfei Pharmaceutical took the lead in introducing the "R&D Partner" system throughout the country. A research and development center has been set up in the factory, and a doctoral workstation has been set up with the engineering research center of Jilin University, a pharmaceutical intermediate. The workstation has more than a dozen senior researchers with doctoral degrees, thus realizing the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.
I. Yunfei Pharmaceutical Vision
Bring together the wisdom of the elite and join hands in the same boat
Focus on Medical Health to Lead the Development of the Industry
Fostering Elite Teams to Build Centennial Enterprises
2. Core Values of Yunfei Pharmaceutical Industry
Scientific and Technological Innovation, Creative Manufacturing and Welfare for the People
3. Yunfei Pharmaceutical Spirit
Gratitude advocates responsibility
4. Mission of Yunfei Pharmaceutical Industry
Respect for Nature and Care for Life
Strict and ingenious management of enterprise pious treatment of products
Tolerance, Rationality and Society
5. Humanistic Concept of Yunfei Pharmaceutical Industry
"Living in a Good Land" - - Keep a Low-key Personality
"Good Heart"--Openness and Tolerance
"With the Good" - - Unity and Benevolence
6. Operating Concept of Yunfei Pharmaceutical Industry
Team Harmony in Behavior Standardization
Operation Standardization Product Precision
7. Yunfei Pharmaceutical Style
Humility, modesty, perseverance and excellence
8.YunfeiPharmaceutical Industry Development Concept
"Good Words and Credit" - - Keeping Faith
"Good Governance" - Excellent in Management
"Good at everything"--Good at employing people
"Good timing" - - seize the opportunity
9. Code of Civilization of Yunfei Company
1. Implementing socialist core values, abiding by rules and regulations, and establishing good social customs and professional ethics.
2. Care for the enterprise, love the factory like home, and actively contribute to the development of the enterprise.
3. Collaborate with each other around the enterprise's central work and production and operation activities, do a good job of coordination, and set up the idea of overall situation and a chess game.
4. To do first-class work and create first-class achievements, all work and production and operation should be of high standards, strict requirements, keep abreast of the advanced, learn from the advanced, and everyone should strive to be a pioneer.
5. Diligent in research, proficient in their own work and technology, establish the spirit of craftsmen, to be excellent employees of the post.
6. Be civilized, polite, self-restrained, positive energy everywhere, and always show good quality and moral standards.
7. Be willing to dedicate, down-to-earth, do a line of love, like a screw, where the twist shines.
8. Pay attention to hygiene, care for the environment, and ensure clean and tidy office space and workshops.
10. I will work with Yunfei
1. You and I are responsible for the rise and fall of Yunfei; you and I share the brilliance of Yunfei
2. unremitting efforts in pursuit of excellence;
3. Yunfei is our family's development depending on everyone's high mountains and man-made peak in mind.

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